six things
26 September 2005
six reasons to celebrate today
1. it's olivia newton-john's birthday
2. it's my special birthday twin grant's birthday
3. it's jim caviezel's birthday
4. it's slim's mother's birthday
5. it's my 100th post (a bizarre coincidence i didn't plan)
6. it's my birthday

happy happy happy birthday!!!!

I too will celebrate.

congrats on the 100 posts.:)
thanks damion.

olivia and i couldn't be happier.
Happy belated one!
whoa! I'm finally reading back issues of your blog, so I haven't been able to wish you happy birthday until now. If I had confidence in my ability to wish you a half-birthday in two weeks, I'd do that, but I don't. So: happy half-birthday-minus-two-weeks.
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