six things
28 November 2007
six tips when flying tiger discount airways
1. try not to pack your legs
2. do try to take your extra butt padding
3. don't set your watch by them
4. hope you're seated next to the hunky tradie who turns out to be a friendly engineer
5. and not the woman whose husband is in prison and wants to tell of her online dating exploits
6. pray that it's not cold & windy when you're retrieving your luggage at the open air terminal in melbourne

14 November 2007
six favourite parts of paris, je t'amie
1. alexander payne's 14th arrondissement
2. sylvain chomet's tour eiffel
3. oliver schmitz's place des fêtes
4. walter salles' loin du 16ème
5. richard lagravanese's pigalle
6. tom tykwer's faubourg saint-denis


10 November 2007
six illegal acts i performed between 1974 and 2007
1. stole a chocolate bar from the school canteen
2. drank in a pub before i was eighteen
3. had gay sex in nsw before 1984
4. didn't vote in a local election
5. drove over the speed limit
6. ran a red light

07 November 2007
six favourite performances in stanley donen directed films
1. jean hagen as lina lamont (singin' in the rain)
2. dolores gray as madeline (it's always fair weather)
3. kay thompson as maggie prescott (funny face)
4. betty garrett as hilde (on the town)
5. ray walston as mr applegate (damn yankees)
6. doris day as babe williams (the pajama game)


04 November 2007
six characters from childrens literature i'm outing now that dumbledore's kicked down the door of the fictional closet
1. peter pan
2. jo march
3. huck finn
4. mr toad
5. the prince
6. and the pauper

02 November 2007
six words that got me ridiculously overexcited
1. joss
2. whedon
3. and
4. eliza
5. dushku
6. reuniting

01 November 2007
six theatrical things i did during october instead of blogging
1. enjoyed the melbourne opening night of priscilla queen of the desert: the musical
2. met a bunch of chorus boys
3. had a lovely reunion with my friend carl from drama school
4. snoozed through robert wilson's the temptation of st anthony
5. suffered through the tedium of the merce cunningham dance company
6. marvelled at the genius of kiki & herb: the year of magical drinking