six things
31 December 2005
six reasons why i avoid going out on new year's eve
1. drunk strangers
2. drunk friends
3. kissing drunk strangers/friends
4. making spur of the moment resolutions
5. singing auld lang syne
6. drunk me

30 December 2005
six favourite things of 2005
1. hobby - listing things
2. decision - retiring
3. new tv show - 'we can be heroes: finding the australian of the year'
4. comedy festival show - tripod in 'lady robots'
5. book - 'eats, shoots and leaves'
6. moment - meeting paul licuria

29 December 2005
six foreign language films i saw on dvd in 2005 and loved
1. in this world
2. bad education
3. city of god
4. the motorcycle diaries
5. goodbye lenin
6. the princess and the warrior

28 December 2005
six things i love about housesitting
1. frenchy (the cat)
2. cable
3. spa bath
4. being away from my annoying downstairs neighbours
5. the fact that my friends trust me with their glamorous house
6. the up yourself neighbourhood

27 December 2005
six thoughts during the many many hours of 'king kong'
1. uh-oh, i fear this is trying to be meaningful
2. are they making jack black look that bad on purpose?
3. where's the freakin' monkey?
4. that dinosaur stampede went on so long i think the dinosaurs went extinct during it
5. liking the back in new york sequence (especially the frozen lake)
6. in a word - craptacular


26 December 2005
six people i'd like to punch in the face to celebrate boxing day
1. john w howard
2. george w bush
3. phillip ruddock
4. amanda vanstone
5. donald rumsfeld
6. paris hilton

25 December 2005
and on xmas day i digested

24 December 2005
six tv shows i enjoyed in 2005 (and my favourite character on each)
1. arrested development (george michael)
2. we can be heroes (ja'mie)
3. mythbusters (tory)
4. the shield (dutch)
5. dancing with the stars (dumb muscular brodie)
6. dr who (captain jack)

23 December 2005
six reasons why i don't like the xmas season
1. the music
2. the cheesy tv movies
3. the hypocrisy
4. the greed
5. the gluttony
6. the fact that santa never brought me that car racing set i asked for every freakin' year

22 December 2005
six movies i'd be more interested in seeing than one about some boy wizard
1. harry belafonte and the goblet of fire
2. harry houdini and the chamber of secrets
3. mata hari and the prisoner of azkaban
4. prince harry and the half blood prince
5. debbie harry and the order of the phoenix
6. dirty harry and the philosopher's stone


21 December 2005
six domineering mothers who still aren't as scary as my friend jane's mother
1. mrs iselin (the manchurian candidate)
2. margaret white (carrie)
3. mama rose (gypsy)
4. lucille bluth (arrested development)
5. marie barone (everybody loves raymond)
6. medea

20 December 2005
six locations where i'd like to see 'survivor' set
1. compton
2. the castro
3. france
4. antarctica
5. space
6. discount lion safari

19 December 2005
six tips on throwing a wildly successful festive season dinner party
1. choose 8 - 12 of your favourite people to invite
2. make sure two of those people own a glamorous house with a table big enough to seat 8 - 12 people
3. somehow get them to agree to host the dinner party
4. somehow get them to invite the remaining people
5. somehow get your friend jane to cook a delicious three course meal
6. enjoy

18 December 2005
and on the seventh day i sequested

17 December 2005
six most suggestive lines from 'red river'
1. ever had a watch?
2. they'll just paw at each other; find out what they're up against
3. teeth or no teeth i can still use me a whip
4. maybe you'd like to see mine?
5. i hooked it on a horn, opened it up a little
6. buster, where's cherry?


16 December 2005
six ways i've been gainlessly employed in my lifetime
1. telephone dating operator
2. gardener
3. playwright
4. beach litter patrolman
5. magazine assistant editor
6. token grouchy guy at video shop who thinks his taste in movies is better than yours

15 December 2005
six favourite performances in joel coen directed films
1. frances mcdormand as marge gunderson (fargo)
2. billy bob thornton as ed crane (the man who wasn't there)
3. william h macy as jerry lundegaard (fargo)
4. john turturro as bernie bernbaum (miller's crossing)
5. holly hunter as edwina mcdonnough (raising arizona)
6. m emmett walsh as loren visser (blood simple)


14 December 2005
six things i can see from my sickbed
1. my ibook (thankfully)
2. the ceiling rose (for want of a better word)
3. the physio illustrations i stuck to the wall to inspire me (but instead make me feel guilty)
4. the book i finished reading days ago
5. the sunny sunny day (out the window)
6. paul licuria (in my fevered dreams)

08 December 2005
six things will return in six days

07 December 2005
six guilty pleasures
1. beer
2. the golden globes
3. beyond the valley of the dolls
4. pamela anderson
5. butterfingers
6. dude, where's my car?

06 December 2005
six inanimate objects i own that have names
1. a suitcase named yvonne
2. a car named the rocket
3. a toy shark named sharky
4. a hard drive named miss caswell
5. a grabber named mr grabby
6. a phone named moby

05 December 2005
six fictional characters i'd like to hang out with in fictional high school
1. betty rizzo
2. lindsay weir
3. kim kelly
4. freddie 'boom boom' washington
5. doris finsecker
6. willow rosenberg

03 December 2005
six things i'd do if i got locked in a department store overnight
1. play with everything in the toy department
2. play with everything in the electrical department
3. swap the women's perfumes with the men's colognes
4. rollerskate
5. change the price tags on the overpriced designer labels
6. sleep in a hammock

02 December 2005
six subjects i wasn't very good at at school
1. math
2. woodwork
3. religion
4. biology
5. p.e.
6. colouring between the lines

01 December 2005
six words i find kind of creepy
1. panties
2. cuddle
3. scripophily
4. poop
5. moist
6. uvula