six things
27 June 2007
six things i did while i didn't do six things
1. considered moving (but didn't)
2. attempted to write (but didn't)
3. vowed to kick my interweb addiction (but didn't)
4. pondered getting a new job (but didn't)
5. resolved to continue my exercise regime (but didn't)
6. wondered how i keep up with my hectic life

18 June 2007
six films i finally got around to seeing on dvd (in the order i liked them)
1. 49up
2. children of men
3. transamerica
4. the dying gaul
5. strangers with candy
6. borat

08 June 2007
six phrases i may use after my afternoon at ikea
1. can i put that on a bumerang for you?
2. how many times do i have to tell you to use a groggy?
3. you call that a hungrig?
4. just put it on the bjorkudden
5. i'll take it on the bibbi blad
6. i think you'll need a bigger falang

07 June 2007
six thoughts on the movie 'driving lessons'
1. i love the lovely laura linney
2. even in a badly written role
3. in a terribly directed film
4. i would've have preferred harry potter instead of ron
5. thank goodness for julie walters
6. even though dame evie is no mrs o