six things
25 January 2008
six thoughts i had while drifting off during sweeney todd
1. sing out, louise johnny
2. if this film was any darker i wouldn't be able to see it
3. where the hell is marnie nixon when you need her?
4. i'm going to start using the word "gander" more often
5. if you're a girl locked in a room and you're wondering why the caged bird sings, it doesn't make any sense to sing about it
6. i'd rather be watching tim burton's take on into the woods (but only if he leaves the humour in)


23 January 2008
six favourite heath ledger performances
1. ennis del mar (brokeback mountain)
2. sonny grotowski (monster's ball)
3. jimmy (two hands)
4. skip (lords of dogtown)
5. jacob grimm (the brothers grimm)
6. snowy bowles (sweat)

15 January 2008
six thoughts on the darjeeling limited
1. i loved it
2. i want that luggage (even if it was a little heavy-handed as a metaphor)
3. it's the first wes anderson film to make me a little teary
4. i liked it more than rushmore
5. and much more than the life aquatic
6. and almost as much as the royal tenenbaums


06 January 2008
six reasons why margo martindale in paris je t'amie is the best supporting actress of 2007*
1. she's not a negative person (au contraire!)
2. her french is better than mine
3. her body language in the chinese restaurant
4. the look on her face when she's sitting in the park
5. that's the moment i fell in love with her
6. and, i like to think, the moment she fell in love with me

* part of stinkylulu's supporting actress blogathon

01 January 2008
six resolutions i probably won't keep in 2008
1. update this blog daily
2. or weekly
3. or even monthly
4. get out more
5. drink less beer
6. kiss more boys