six things
26 September 2007
six favourite olivia songs
1. if you love me (let me know)
2. hopelessly devoted to you
3. i honestly love you
4. xanadu
5. let me be there
6. a little more love

21 September 2007
six times i thought i was going to faint
1. the time i met paul licuria
2. that time i didn't eat all day
3. when i was within ten feet of olivia newton-john
4. the first time i kissed a boy i was very fond of
5. the time i was backstage at a bodybuilding competition
6. that time i actually did faint

18 September 2007
six things i loved about the movie hairspray (2007)
1. the songs
2. nikki blonsky
3. seaweed
4. the costumes
5. michelle pfeiffer
6. the mere fact that john travolta didn't ruin it


14 September 2007
six favourite pixar characters
1. dory (finding nemo)
2. edna mode (the incredibles)
3. the mime artist caterpillar on the streets of bug city (a bug's life)
4. rex the dinosaur (toy story)
5. buzz lightyear (toy story)
6. mrs potato head (toy story 2)

09 September 2007
six footy related things i've done since my last post so long ago
1. took my pretend toyboy to the mcg to watch my pretend boyfriend play
2. failed miserably in the footy tipping competition
3. perved at a bunch of drunken st kilda footballers at the local pub on mad monday
4. moped at the news that paul licuria is getting married
5. narrowed the search for my new pretend footballer boyfriend to two possibilities
6. caught a serious case of finals fever