six things
26 September 2008
six chook washing tips (as discovered at the royal melbourne show)
1. simply use a toothbrush
2. pay close attention to your bird's foot feathers
3. don't dip its head under water for more than one second
4. when rinsing squeeze the feathers, not the bird
5. dying your chook can lead to disqualification (but a light bleaching is allowed)
6. if your chicken starts to squawk while you're blow drying it may be because it's roasting

18 September 2008
six favourite pixar characters (revised)
1. wall-e (wall-e)
2. dory (finding nemo)
3. edna mode (the incredibles)
4. the mime artist caterpillar on the streets of bug city (a bug's life)
5. rex the dinosaur (toy story)
6. linguini (ratatouille)