six things
26 July 2006
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25 July 2006
six things i might name a pet elephant
1. stampy
2. packy
3. louis
4. big elle
5. laura
6. daisy

24 July 2006
six reasons why i didn't enter the tour de france
1. pee-wee herman wouldn't let me borrow his bike
2. my limited grasp of de french would hamper me when asking directions
3. they never seem to stop for ice cream
4. i'm living proof that it is possible to forget how to ride a bike
5. all those hills
6. lycra shorts

23 July 2006
and on the (second, fourth, sixth and) seventh day i rested

21 July 2006
six people i'd cast in my all-aussie remake of 'valley of the dolls'
1. toni collette as neely o'hara
2. nicole kidman as anne wells
3. naomi watts as jennifer north
4. hugh jackman as tony polar
5. eric bana as ted casablanca
6. judy davis as helen lawson

19 July 2006
six dvds i used to recommend when i worked at a gay & lesbian video store
1. chuck & buck
2. oranges are not the only fruit
3. parting glances
4. presque rein
5. stonewall
6. the boys in the band

17 July 2006
six random thoughts on the 1939 film 'boy slaves'
1. it wasn't about what i thought it was going to be about
2. i love a frontcard that tells you what to think (child slavery - bad)
3. if a gang of hobo youths attack you on your first day on the road they might just end up befriending you by nightfall
4. but if they think you're a stool pigeon it could be a hard tag to shake
5. and if you're a rich kid who tells them you fear catching diseases from them your all white outfit doesn't stand a chance
6. it gets an extra star from me for being 64 minutes long


13 July 2006
six favourite performances in jonathan demme directed films
1. mercedes reuhl as connie russo (married to the mob)
2. mary steenburgen as lynda dummar (melvin & howard)
3. paul le mat as melvin dummar (melvin and howard)
4. ray liotta as ray sinclair (something wild)
5. jodie foster as clarice starling (the silence of the lambs)
6. christine lahti as hazel (swing shift)


12 July 2006
six reasons why i'd be a lousy 1950s tv housewife
1. i don't know how to make a martini
2. i'd look ridiculous in an apron
3. i don't like sleeping in a single bed
4. i don't know how to make a roast beef dinner
5. two perfect children would be two too many
6. i'm a man

11 July 2006
six search phrases that caused google to direct the googlers to six things*
1. paul licuria
2. famous duos
3. cartoon characters
4. songs about killing
5. movies about evonne goolagong-cawley
6. iris steensma

*according to site meter

10 July 2006
six music videos that changed my life
1. wuthering heights - kate bush
2. knock on wood - amii stewart
3. once in a lifetime - talking heads
4. mickey - toni basil
5. whip it - devo
6. macho man - village people

08 July 2006
six toodle-oo, rah-rah, tiddley-wink thoughts on the movie 'wah-wah'
1. what a mess
2. richard e grant, don't give up your day job
3. the first child actor was so annoying i wanted to reach through the screen and slap him
4. were all the servants really stepin fetchits or was that just an embarrassing directorial decision?
5. i love emily watson but that was a terrible attempt at an american accent
6. julie walters did her best to save it but it was too big an ask


07 July 2006
six reasons why the emmys are now as dead to me as the oscars
1. no best drama nomination for 'six feet under'
2. no rachel griffiths
3. no lauren ambrose
4. no marcia cross
5. no john krasinski
6. not a single nomination for 'the shield'

06 July 2006
six movies i enjoy that have trains in them
1. brief encounter
2. the manchurian candidate
3. pee-wee's big adventure
4. the lady vanishes
5. cabaret
6. the bridge on the river kwai

05 July 2006
six opening lines from six songs randomly selected by my ipod for you to guess in the comments*
1. she's got a smile that it seems to me/reminds me of childhood memories
2. back through the years/i go wanderin' once again/back to the seasons of my youth
3. when the earth was still flat/and clouds made of fire/and mountains stretched up to the sky
4. it's twelve past midnight/don't close your eyes
5. you think you're going to make me sulk/you and your fancy car/ah-haa-haa
6. you might never get rich/but let me tell you it's better than digging a ditch

*this very special interactive six things shamelessly stolen from gabriel at modern fabulousity

04 July 2006
six possible reasons why cha-cha digregorio had the worst reputation at st. bernadettes
1. the other girls at st. bernadettes were named after more demure dance styles
2. she was the oldest student there (though not quite as old as a certain betty rizzo from rydell high)
3. she chewed gum
4. she was a trophy hog
5. her dance moves were a trifle suggestive
6. she was a slut

03 July 2006
six scene-stealing minor characters i love in the movie 'grease'
1. cha-cha digregorio
2. patty simcox
3. principal mcgee
4. blanche
5. coach calhoun
6. vince fontaine

02 July 2006
and on the seventh day i rested

01 July 2006
six things aussie rules commentators say without realising how hot it sounds
1. he rides him into the ground
2. the big man climbs the pack
3. ball it up
4. he takes it on his chest
5. holding the man
6. paul licuria