six things
26 September 2005
six reasons to celebrate today
1. it's olivia newton-john's birthday
2. it's my special birthday twin grant's birthday
3. it's jim caviezel's birthday
4. it's slim's mother's birthday
5. it's my 100th post (a bizarre coincidence i didn't plan)
6. it's my birthday

25 September 2005
six impressions i fear this blog might falsely convey
1. that i'm some sort of obsessive-compulsive list maker
2. that my shift key is broken
3. that i'm as cold and minimalist as this blog
4. that coming up with six things a day is easy
5. that i've got something against punctuation
6. that i'm obsessed with paul licuria (shut up!)

24 September 2005
six films that currently complete the sentence "i'd rather stick needles in my eyes than see..."
1. deuce bigalow - european gigolo
2. the dukes of hazzard
3. howl's moving castle
4. cinderella man
5. stealth
6. sharkboy and lavagirl in 3D

23 September 2005
six words i like to use that may not be real words
1. interweb (as in "i stumbled across this porn while surfing the interweb and thought of you")
2. snuffle (as in "you were totally snuffling after that guys ass")
3. blends (a word to describe blog friends)
4. bazongas (as in "check out pamela anderson's...")
5. schmoopy (as in "those lovestruck morons are getting all schmoopy")
6. skank (as in "my friend tj is a total skank")

22 September 2005
six things around the world
1. six choses (france)
2. sechs sachen (germany)
3. sei cose (italy)
4. έξι πράγματα (greece)
5. seis cosas (spain)
6. sex thungs (new zealand)

21 September 2005
six dance styles i've learnt, excelled at and moved on from
1. tap
2. tango
3. jive
4. rumba
5. two step
6. drunken freestyle

20 September 2005
six fictional women i've had crushes on
1. catwoman (julie newmar version)
2. faith ('buffy')
3. marcia brady ('the brady bunch')
4. daria ('daria')
5. jane lane ('daria')
6. willow ('buffy')

19 September 2005
six people who should've won emmys
1. frances conroy
2. marcia cross
3. jason bateman
4. hugh laurie
5. jessica walter
6. ricky gervais

18 September 2005
six wild guesses of winners in major emmy categories
1. lost
2. hugh laurie
3. glenn close
4. arrested development
5. jason bateman
6. marcia cross

17 September 2005
six cultural phenomena i've rejected
1. harry potter
2. rap music
3. idol - australian and american
4. tom cruise's career
5. 'the lord of the rings'
6. oprah

16 September 2005
six thoughts regarding 'wallace & gromit: the curse of the were-rabbit'
1. it's a cracking good film
2. although i may have been over-anticipating it a little
3. those rabbits are damn cute
4. but not as cute as the sheep in 'a close shave'
5. and not as scene stealing as the penguin in 'the wrong trousers'
6. the 'madagascar' penguins christmas short shown before was truly awful


15 September 2005
six oddly named small towns i grew up near
1. come by chance
2. wee waa
3. lightning ridge
4. pokataroo
5. pilliga
6. cryon

14 September 2005
six television series i've purchased on dvd
1. arrested development
2. freaks and geeks
3. greg the bunny
4. the office
5. buffy the vampire slayer
6. angels in america

13 September 2005
six reactions to michael cunningham's 'specimen days'
1. it's no 'a home at the end of the world'
2. there wasn't a single sentence that knocked me sideways (his other books were full of them)
3. the first part was an annoying slog
4. the second part, thankfully, held my interest
5. the final part bored me
6. 'the hours' was a hell of a hard act to follow

12 September 2005
six reasons why some people might think my relationship with my new ibook is unnatural
1. it keeps me from leaving the house
2. i get a little excited by the feel of it
3. i'm thinking of naming it
4. i take it to bed with me
5. i'm in love with it
6. i think it loves me back

11 September 2005
six documentaries i was captivated by
1. spellbound
2. 28-up
3. not fourteen again
4. where are we? our trip through america
5. paradise lost: the child murders at robin hood hills
6. capturing the freidmans


10 September 2005
six people who should have cocktails named after them ("why yes, i think i'll have a...")
1. lola falana
2. mother theresa
3. princess diana
4. chastity bono
5. pia zadora
6. paul licuria

09 September 2005
six comedians who always make me laugh
1. barry humphries
2. dawn french
3. jennifer saunders
4. sandra bernhard
5. judith lucy
6. steven wright

08 September 2005
six television theme songs i'm always happy to hear
1. love is all around
2. making our dreams come true
3. and then there's maude
4. it's time to meet the muppets
5. movin' on up
6. come on get happy

07 September 2005
six rules i live by
1. never answer someone else's phone
2. always remember birthdays
3. never put out on a first date
4. be punctual
5. have a point
6. or a punchline

06 September 2005
six tv characters whose given names i never knew
1. granny (the beverly hillbillies)
2. sister bertrille (the flying nun)
3. the doctor (dr who)
4. dr teeth (the muppet show)
5. dr bombay (bewitched)
6. grandpa (the munsters)

05 September 2005
six things i discovered about the little old lady with whom i shared a park bench yesterday
1. she didn't own the bench
2. she thought it was a beautiful day
3. she thought the hurricane katrina aftermath was a terrible thing
4. she could survive without air conditioning
5. she used to be a teacher in the country
6. they had ceiling fans in her day

04 September 2005
six stages of my televisual watching life
1. pre-school - adventure island
2. primary school - the brady bunch
3. high school - countdown
4. college - eastenders
5. 90s - the simpsons
6. 00s - the office

03 September 2005
six films that could be mistaken for porn because of their titles
1. driving miss daisy
2. dr strangelove
3. an officer and a gentleman
4. easy rider
5. the black stallion
6. woody woodpecker in pistol packin' woodpecker

02 September 2005
six thoughts on the movie 'p.s.'
1. i love the lovely laura linney
2. who knew topher grace was such a cutie under that 70s wig?
3. when did gabriel byrne get so old?
4. marcia gay harden - what the hell are you doing?
5. this script needed at least three more drafts
6. that painting was crap


01 September 2005
six reasons why i favour september over any other month
1. it's my birthday month
2. it's olivia newton-john's birthday month
3. spring
4. footy finals
5. earth wind & fire
6. did i mention it was my birthday month?