six things
28 February 2006
six favourite 'batman' tv villains
1. catwoman
2. egghead
3. king tut
4. bookworm
5. fingers
6. lola lasagne

27 February 2006
six thoughts while watching the dvd of 'sin city'
1. what a stunning look
2. i wish i'd seen this on the big screen
3. clive owen is sizzlin' hot
4. this is getting kind of boring
5. i'm glad i didn't see this on the big screen as i wouldn't be able to fast forward
6. or press stop


21 February 2006
six things will return in six days

20 February 2006
six catchy songs about killing a loved one
1. the banks of the ohio - olivia newton-john
2. delilah - tom jones
3. where the wild roses grow - nick cave & kylie minogue
4. cocaine blues - johnny cash
5. ruby, don't take your love to town - kenny rogers
6. bang bang (my baby shot me down) - cher

18 February 2006
six great titles i think about when i think about great titles (by raymond carver)
1. so much water so close to home
2. where i'm calling from
3. will you please be quiet, please
4. the third thing that killed my father off
5. furious seasons
6. what we talk about when we talk about love

17 February 2006
six acclaimed tv shows i just couldn't get into
1. curb your enthusiasm
2. deadwood
3. the sopranos
4. the west wing
5. law and order
6. alias

16 February 2006
six questions i ponder as i watch the winter olympics
1. do those flags hurt when you ski over them?
2. who was the first person to think the luge would be fun?
3. why would you pick a sport that meant you were going to be cold for so much of the time?
4. curling?
5. whatever happened to torvill and dean?
6. what would the ancient greeks make of all this?

15 February 2006
six reasons why my new dvr is the best gadget ever
1. records two shows at the same time
2. records in widescreen
3. timeshifts
4. no more worrying i'm recording over something i've yet to watch
5. ads? what ads?
6. it makes me love tv even more than i thought possible

14 February 2006
six people i choo-choo-choose on valentine's day
1. paul licuria
2. my friend jane
3. my friend tj
4. my friend david
5. my friend angela
6. licuria, paul

13 February 2006
six modern, fabulous blogs
1. modern fabulousity
2. my cabinet of distractions
3. cupcake planet
4. film experience blog
5. nick's flick picks: the blog
6. stinky lulu sez

12 February 2006
and on the seventh day i arrested*
* the great 'arrested development' marathon of '06

11 February 2006
six things i may have forgotten how to do (due to not having done them for so long)
1. ride a bike
2. swim
3. juggle
4. sex
5. make an acceptance speech
6. water ski

10 February 2006
six songs that won grammys last night that i've never heard
1. boulevard of broken dreams
2. since u been gone
3. feel good inc
4. gold digger
5. push the button
6. we belong together

09 February 2006
six reasons why elaine was my favourite character on 'seinfeld'
1. i envied her job at j peterman
2. she got progressively nastier
3. she thought george was an idiot
4. she knew how to hold a grudge
5. "you doodle a couple of bears at a cocktail party talking about the stock market and you think you're doing comedy"
6. yada yada yada

08 February 2006
six tv shows i'd like paul licuria to guest star in if he ever gave up football and became an actor
1. desperate housewives - as a hunky shirtless gardener
2. lost - as a castaway who's lost his shirt
3. las vegas - as a gambler who's lost his shirt
4. without a trace - as a man who's lost his memory (and his shirt)
5. house - as a patient with a mysterious allergy to shirts
6. prison break - just because...

07 February 2006
six favourite performances in martin scorsese directed films
1. sandra bernhard as masha (the king of comedy)
2. robert de niro as rupert pupkin (the king of comedy)
3. jodie foster as iris steensma (taxi driver)
4. joe pesci as joey la motta (raging bull)
5. michelle pfieffer as ellen olenska (the age of innocence)
6. ellen burstyn as alice hyatt (alice doesn't live here anymore)


06 February 2006
six guest stars on 'extras' in order of hilariousness
1. les dennis
2. kate winslet
3. patrick stewart
4. ben stiller
5. samuel l jackson
6. ross kemp

05 February 2006
and on the seventh day i rested

04 February 2006
six similarities between my life and 'brokeback mountain'
1. 1963 was a formative year for me
2. i've herded sheep
3. i've fallen off a horse
4. i've been drunk near a camp fire
5. i've been to a rodeo
6. i've had a fishing buddy but i've never caught a fish


03 February 2006
six things i had as a kid i sometimes wish i still had now
1. mecano set
2. my dog timmy
3. motorbike
4. innocence
5. swimming pool
6. parents

02 February 2006
six places i'd like to visit just because of their names
1. staines, england
2. hot coffee, mississippi
3. camp village, ireland
4. beaver, pennsylvania
5. mount disappointment, australia
6. springfield, usa (any of them)

01 February 2006
six movies featuring the world's oldest teenagers
1. grease
2. west side story
3. peyton place
4. grease 2
5. beyond the valley of the dolls
6. hair