six things
29 March 2006
six reasons to be excited by the start of the aussie rules season
1. paul licuria
2. matthew robbins
3. russell robertson
4. lance franklin
5. leigh montagna
6. chris tarrant

28 March 2006
six thoughts while watching the dvd of 'in her shoes'
1. i love toni collette
2. what is it about chicks and shoes?
3. that lawyer's dating technique is kind of swoony
4. just how many months did it take before shirley even asked cameron about toni?
5. that tight hairdo isn't doing the lovely toni any favours
6. curtis hanson, what were you thinking?


27 March 2006
six things that interested me during the otherwise boring commonwealth games
1. an aussie gymnast's biceps
2. a jamaican sprinter's ass
3. an english diver's abs
4. a scottish swimmer's chest
5. a south african triathalete's package
6. a canadian cyclist's legs

24 March 2006
six famous bridges i have crossed
1. charles bridge, prague
2. harbour bridge, sydney
3. golden gate bridge, san francisco
4. brooklyn bridge, new york
5. le pont neuf, paris
6. tower bridge, london

23 March 2006
six favourite performances in john waters directed films
1. divine as dawn davenport (desperate living)
2. ricki lake as tracy turnblad (hairspray)
3. mink stole as peggy gravel (female trouble)
4. kim mcguire as hatchet-face (cry baby)
5. colleen fitzpatrick as amber von tussle (hairspray)
6. tab hunter as todd tomorrow (polyester)


22 March 2006
six events i was pretty good at in high school athletics carnivals
1. long jump
2. 4 x 100m relay (3rd runner)
3. 100 metres
4. triple jump
5. high jump
6. 200 metres

14 March 2006
six favourite abba songs
1. knowing me, knowing you
2. dancing queen
3. mamma mia
4. does your mother know?
5. waterloo
6. rock me

13 March 2006
six teams in the order i like them on the new 'amazing race' (based on the first episode)
1. hot tamales
2. nerds
3. raylanda
4. jomo
5. horndogs
6. hippies

11 March 2006
six pop song lyrics i wish i'd written
1. my baby's so vain she is almost a mirror - shivers - nick cave
2. i asked the doctor to take your picture so i can look at you from inside as well - turning japanese - the vapors
3. they let you dream just to watch 'em shatter - 9 to 5 - dolly parton
4. dumb as a box of hammers but he's such a handsome guy - i kissed a girl - jill sobule
5. are you thinking of me when you fuck her? - you oughta know - alanis morissette
6. 'cause everybody knows that good news always sleeps till noon - sun comes up... - cowboy junkies

10 March 2006
six actresses that should have oscars
1. glenn close
2. judy davis
3. sigourney weaver
4. catherine o'hara
5. julie walters
6. laura linney

09 March 2006
six tv/movie characters i consider role models
1. addison dewitt (all about eve)
2. charles montgomery burns (the simpsons)
3. miranda hobbes (sex & the city)
4. elaine benes (seinfeld)
5. darlene connor (roseanne)
6. pee-wee herman (pee-wee's big adventure)

08 March 2006
six disco tunes that still make me wanna bump some more
1. car wash - rose royce
2. knock on wood - amii stewart
3. best of my love - the emotions
4. if i can't have you - yvonne elliman
5. september - earth wind & fire
6. it's raining men - the weather girls

07 March 2006
six fonts i prefer
1. helvetica
2. palatino
3. courier
4. times new roman
5. century schoolbook
6. wingdings

06 March 2006
six things i enjoyed about the oscars before the last award of the evening ruined everything that came before
1. jon stewart
2. the meryl & lily show
3. george clooney's speech
4. the woman who thanked the academy for seating her next to george clooney at the nominees lunch
5. steve carrell's liza minnelli look
6. the best actress attack ads

05 March 2006
and on the seventh day i rested

04 March 2006
six unlikely things i'm hoping happen at the oscars
1. heath ledger wins
2. whoever introduces the 'crash' clip points out what a craptacular film it is
3. no winner reads from a piece of paper
4. every speech is short and witty
5. the whole thing is over in less than three hours
6. george clooney's date turns out to

03 March 2006
six movie or tv quotes my friend jane reminded me i use more frequently then the ones i listed yesterday
1. merci blah-blah
2. i said the quiet bit loud
3. can't talk, eating
4. i am, after all, me
5. my muffin is delicious
6. don't lose your blob

02 March 2006
six movie or tv quotes i never tire of
1. exxxxcellent
2. i like you, dottie; like
3. i'll meet you at the place near the thing where we went that time
4. don't you just love theatre people?
5. chicken and a fox? bloodbath
6. you have a point; an idiotic one but a point

01 March 2006
six stars they should cast on 'dancing with the stars'
1. doris day
2. julie andrews
3. debbie reynolds
4. ann-margaret
5. liza minnelli
6. charo