six things
30 June 2006
six places superman may have just returned from
1. the super restroom
2. the super cape store
3. the gym
4. the video store (where he returned 'the super')
5. the superbowl
6. supercuts

29 June 2006
six most played songs on my ipod*
1. a kiss at the end of the rainbow - mitch & mickey
2. you can't stop the beat - hairspray original cast recording
3. loving you - massivo
4. ain't no mountain high enough - marvin gaye & tammi terrell
5. a town called malice - the jam
6. finale - jerry springer the opera original cast recording

*compared to last year

28 June 2006
six types of buildings i would like named after me
1. a library
2. a hospital
3. a gymnasium
4. a theatre
5. a church
6. a grandstand (incorporating footy changing rooms)

27 June 2006
six theme nights at my imaginary gay nightclub
1. frocky horror (drag night)
2. second skin (leather night)
3. chicken little (under 18s)
4. sing out louise (showtune night)
5. bar belle (hot guys shirt off night)
6. eager beaver (ladies night)

26 June 2006
six favourite performances in steven spielberg directed films
1. ralph fiennes as amon goeth (schindler's list)
2. karen allen as marion ravenwood (raiders of the lost ark)
3. henry thomas as elliott (e.t)
4. haley joel osment as david (a.i - artificial intelligence)
5. christian bale as jamie graham (empire of the sun)
6. oprah winfrey as sofia (the color purple)


25 June 2006
and on the seventh day i rested*
*because i was up late on on the sixth night being probed by nathaniel

24 June 2006
six favourite aaron spelling productions
1. dynasty
2. charlie's angels
3. melrose place
4. family
5. tori spelling
6. the love boat (charo episodes)

23 June 2006
six possible reasons why i won't be attending nicole kidman's wedding this weekend
1. i wasn't invited
2. she may have heard i think she's overrated
3. or remembered that time in 1985 when i was selling theatre tickets and demanded to see her equity card even though i knew who she was
4. she's jealous of that time i went nightclubbing with naomi
5. even though i spent my teen years in australia's country music capital i've never heard of keith urban
6. i have nothing to wear

22 June 2006
six names i'd consider calling myself if i were a circus clown
1. snippy
2. snappy
3. surly
4. growly
5. chuckles
6. kreepy

21 June 2006
six tv shows that used to freak me out when i was an overly sensitive youngster
1. dr who
2. lost in space
3. h.r. pufnstuf
4. kung fu
5. here's lucy
6. the brady bunch variety hour

20 June 2006
six favourite moments from six favourite movies
1. sally, brian & maximilian keep dancing after the record finishes (cabaret)
2. margo tells eve where to put her award (all about eve)
3. the first la de dah (annie hall)
4. our charlie's revelation (whistle down the wind)
5. mrs chasen fills in harold's computer dating application (harold & maude)
6. robert does gloria a favour (they shoot horses don't they?)

19 June 2006
six favourite six things from a year* of listing six things
1. six 1940s movie acting techniques you don't see much anymore
2. six words i like to use that may not be real words
3. six things i'd want if i was stranded on a desert island
4. six movies i'd be more interested in seeing than one about some boy wizard
5. six examples why my friend jane is more of a stereotypical gay man than i am
6. six halves of famous duos i'd prefer to be

* if you don't count that month i had off

18 June 2006
and on the seventh day i rested

17 June 2006
six favourite performances by my favourite underrated actress cynthia stevenson
1. trish maplewood (happiness)
2. jennifer bass (my talk show)
3. joanne wedman (home for the holidays)
4. bonnie sherow (the player)
5. trisha mackay (bob)
6. joy lass (dead like me)

16 June 2006
six things you will never see on six things
1. seven things
2. photos
3. any dissing of paul licuria
4. or olivia newton-john
5. upper case
6. a hat

15 June 2006
six historical notations i made during a saturday afternoon viewing of the 1955 film 'land of the pharaohs'
1. one should really work out before wearing a toga
2. an excellent way to get someone to keep a secret is to cut their tongue out
3. it's perfectly acceptable to wear a mini-toga if you're a young boy
4. or a sexy mini-skirt if you suddenly age fifteen years between scenes
5. if you're a lowly guard and joan collins in a pointy bra asks for a favour you're going to be in big trouble
6. by my calculations joan collins must be 4500 years old


14 June 2006
six favourite 'six feet under' episodes
1. everyone's waiting
2. pilot
3. the trip
4. knock knock
5. i'll take you
6. ecotone

13 June 2006
six cliched lines of dialogue from cop/lawyer/doctor shows i'm determined to use more often in everyday conversation
1. take him away
2. objection
3. i'll allow it
4. sustained
5. i'll see you in my chambers
6. stat!

12 June 2006
six pet names i would call my beard wife way too often
1. paulie
2. lovey
3. snoopy lips
4. katie holmes
5. butch
6. jane

10 June 2006
six favourite performances in james ivory directed films
1. anthony hopkins as stevens (the remains of the day)
2. emma thompson as margaret schlegel (howards end)
3. joanne woodward as india bridge (mr & mrs bridge)
4. judi dench as eleanor lavish (a room with a view)
5. daniel day-lewis as cecil vyse (a room with a view)
6. vanessa redgrave as olive chancellor (the bostonians)


09 June 2006
six occupations the brady kids would have been suited for when they grew up
1. marcia - president
2. jan - vice-president
3. cindy - speech therapist
4. greg - porn star (straight)
5. peter - porn star (gay)
6. bobby - narc

08 June 2006
six things they do to you in a sleep clinic that guarantee a sleepless night
1. they put electrodes on your head
2. they strap a tight belt around your chest then tell you to breathe normally
3. they put you in an uncomfortable bed
4. they expect you to be in bed at 8.30pm
5. they film you as you attempt to sleep
6. they tell you they're going to wake you up at 6am

07 June 2006
six things i did while i wasn't doing six things
1. was hobbled by a mysterious right foot ailment
2. scored 8/8 in footy tipping
3. spent a sleepless night at a sleep clinic
4. got very excited by the arrival of my 'liza with a z' dvd
5. generously lent it to my friend jane
6. spent two weeks trying to get it back

06 June 2006
six excellent things about 06/06/06
1. it has a lot of sixes in it
2. it'll make fundamentalist christians nervous
3. it's sandra bernhard's birthday
4. it's harvey fierstein's birthday
5. it's the dalai lama's birthday
6. it's nathaniel's birthday