six things
25 August 2006
six excellent exit lines...
1. if you look in this place tomorrow, and it's gone, you mustn't be sad, because you know it still exists, not very far away (green mansions)
2. a man's got to know his limitations (magnum force)
3. that is all (m*a*s*h)
4. so long (twelve angry men)
5. auf wiedersehen, a bientot... (cabaret)
6. the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world that he didn't exist...and like that he's gone (the usual suspects)

21 August 2006
six categories the movie 'xanadu' would easily win in the awards for worst musical ever
1. worst screenplay
2. worst costume design
3. worst art direction
4. worst choreography
5. most outrageous misuse of greek mythology
6. most embarassing use of a movie musical legend in a supporting role


20 August 2006
six favourite performances in peter bogdanovich directed films
1. madeline kahn as eunice burns (what's up, doc?)
2. cher as rusty dennis (mask)
3. cloris leachman as ruth popper (the last picture show)
4. tatum o'neal as addie loggins (paper moon)
5. ellen burstyn as lois farrow (the last picture show)
6. madeline kahn as trixie delight (paper moon)


18 August 2006
six definitions of celebrity (as defined by australian celebrity shows)
1. royal bridesmaid
2. boyfriend to miss universe
3. model with one line in a tourism advertisment
4. right wing polical nutbag
5. model proudly dubbed 'the pleasure machine'
6. soap opera actress who left her show twelve years ago and hasn't acted since

16 August 2006
six parts of the newspaper i don't read
1. stockmarket report
2. horoscope
3. employment
4. form guide
5. cryptic crossword
6. bad news

14 August 2006
six names i suspect i'd be given if i ever went to prison
1. the professor
2. snooze
3. stretch
4. frightened inmate #2
5. alibi
6. wishbone

10 August 2006
six big things i've visited in australia
1. big banana, coffs harbour
2. big pineapple, nambour
3. big merino, goulburn
4. big croc, humpty doo
5. big (playable) guitar, narrandera
6. big (golden) guitar, tamworth

07 August 2006
six actors i'd hire for their voices if i ever made an animated film
1. carol channing
2. harvey fierstein
3. kathleen turner
4. tim curry
5. georgia engel
6. julie andrews

06 August 2006
six reasons why laura is my favourite on 'project runway'
1. she's 42
2. she knows it's a slippery slope to sweatpants
3. her hatred of little yappy dogs rivals mine
4. her love of michael
5. her brilliant description of angela's design - "full-tilt boogie quilted extravaganza of puff"
6. her dismissive attitude to keith - "what an asshole"

03 August 2006
six thoughts on the movie 'jindabyne'
1. i love the lovely laura linney
2. even if her character was kind of annoying
3. excellent unsettling opening scene
4. spookiest use of landscape since 'picnic at hanging rock'
5. that was one creepy little girl
6. i can't believe the lovely laura linney was in oz and didn't call me


02 August 2006
six ings i was reduced to while my interweb connection went missing for a week
1. explaining (my problem to the so-called helpline at my isp)
2. losing (my temper with my my isp)
3. complaining (to anyone who'd listen about my isp)
4. reading
5. socialising
6. leaving (the house)