six things
06 May 2006
six things will return 06/06/06

05 May 2006
six things i thought i'd be doing in 2006 when i was a kid in the 70s
1. holidaying on the moon
2. driving a hovercar
3. talking into a dick tracy-type watch
4. owning a robot maid
5. eating meals in pill form
6. wearing a form-fitting silver jumpsuit with matching boots

04 May 2006
six thoughts upon finally seeing 'the squid and the whale'
1. i love the lovely laura linney
2. the sons were sensational
3. jeff daniel's character was the filet of the movie
4. i usually hate the explanation of a title but not in this case
5. all movies should be less than ninety minutes long
6. 'the mother and the whore' poster - genius


03 May 2006
six outfits i would pack for a weekend on the love boat*
1. a pair of glasses to disguise my millionaire playboy looks so i can find real romance
2. my charo fanclub t-shirt
3. something special from my first marriage that my ex-wife (who's coincidentally onboard) will recognise and cause us to reunite
4. something casual for a daytrip to puerto vallarta
5. an outfit that exactly matches one a lookalike stranger has
6. a flashy outfit just in case my long estranged showbiz partner was also onboard and up for a reunion performance

*topic suggested by my friend jane the cruise director

02 May 2006
six fruits or vegetables i might name my celebrity baby after
1. shallot
2. avocado
3. ginger
4. honeydew
5. rhubarb
6. golden delicious

01 May 2006
six things i did on this day in history (according to the very detailed journals i used to keep)
1. went to see a play called 'the secret house' and was bored by it (1989)
2. started a part-time job as a phone dating operator (1990)
3. finished reading 'in cold blood' (1991)
4. got stoned on the streets of osaka, japan (1993)
5. had sex with some guy (1994)
6. went to the laundromat (1995)