six things
20 August 2007
six excellent things about watching an aussie rules match at the local oval on a sunny saturday afternoon
1. there was a choice of sitting in the grandstand or leaning on the boundary fence (we did both)
2. we could buy beer and take it back to our seats
3. the beer was cheap
4. we could go out on the field and listen to the coach during the quarter time huddle
5. i inadvertently saw paul licuria change his shorts on the sideline
6. i advertently watched paul licuria get his hamstrings massaged right in front of me

16 August 2007
six things i thought had negative connotations until 'so you think you can dance' suggested they were compliments
1. "you're ridiculous"
2. "you murdered it"
3. "you're insane"
4. "you're blowing up"
5. a drunk woman screaming at me
6. "you're sick"