six things
30 November 2005
six examples how my friend jane is like jan brady
1. middle child
2. been to hawaii
3. has a 'boyfriend' named george
4. tapdancing
5. glasses would make her look positively goofy
6. wigs

29 November 2005
six performers i'd like to see replace christina applegate in 'sweet charity'
1. charo
2. bea arthur
3. barbara cook
4. pia zadora
5. lypsinka
6. dakota fanning

28 November 2005
six oscar winners (or nominees) i've spoken to years before they won their oscars (or were nominated)
1. adam elliott
2. geoffrey rush
3. naomi watts
4. toni collette
5. nicole kidman
6. rachel griffiths

26 November 2005
six favourite performances in hal ashby directed films
1. vivian pickles as mrs chasen (harold and maude)
2. peter sellers as chauncey gardiner (being there)
3. ruth gordon as maude (harold and maude)
4. jon voight as luke martin (coming home)
5. bud cort as harold chasen (harold and maude)
6. jack nicholson as billy 'bad ass' buddusky (the last detail)


25 November 2005
six little known phobias i suffer from to various degrees
1. couplephobia
2. shirtoffphobia
3. littleyappydogphobia
4. highfivephobia
5. mobilephonephobia
6. audienceparticipationphobia

24 November 2005
six languages i enjoy even though i can't understand them
1. spanish
2. sign
3. french
4. danish
5. gaelic
6. klingon

23 November 2005
six gymnasts whose names i didn't catch but whose bodies (of work) impressed me at the men's world gymnastics championship qualifiers last night
1. the bulging bulgarian on the pommelhorse
2. the rippling romanian on the rings
3. the chiselled czech on the floor
4. the hardbodied hungarian on the parallel bars
5. the spanish superman on the vault
6. the breathtaking brazilian on the horizontal bar

22 November 2005
six thoughts regarding my friend tj on his birthday
1. he's easier than 2 + 2
2. he looks a little younger than he is
3. he acts a lot younger than he is
4. he was the first person to point out i have a lot of rules
5. he's lovely
6. he had me at woody allen

21 November 2005
six facts about my friend jane on her birthday
1. she's ageless (just ask her)
2. she has the worst memory of anyone i know
3. she's so competitive she threatened to start a blog called seven things
4. she had the good sense to marry my special birthday twin before i knew either of them
5. she's the second funniest person our friend john knows
6. she's the wind beneath six things

19 November 2005
six films i only watched because i was trapped on long haul flights
1. view from the top
2. charlie's angels : full throttle
3. scent of a woman
4. sweet home alabama
5. just married
6. bruce almighty

18 November 2005
six potential titles for my autobiography
1. and another thing
2. i know you are but what am i?
3. in spite of everything
4. it's not me, it's you
5. short story long
6. the mysterious yearning secretive reclusive troubled confused loving musical gifted intelligent beautiful tender sensitive haunted passionate talented mr. par3182

17 November 2005
six favourite performances in stanley kubrick directed films
1. peter sellers as lionel mandrake/merkin muffley/dr strangelove (dr strangelove)
2. shelley winters as charlotte haze (lolita)
3. douglas rain as hal 9000 (2001 a space odyssey)
4. george c scott as buck turgidson (dr strangelove)
5. james mason as humbert humbert (lolita)
6. charles laughton as sempronius gracchus (spartacus)


16 November 2005
six things that don't particularly interest me
1. madonna's new single
2. madonna's new video
3. madonna's new album
4. fake accents
5. kabbalah
6. singers who defy my prediction that they'd be one hit wonders twenty years ago

15 November 2005
six jobs i'd employ people to do for me if i was a lot richer than i am now
1. answer the phone
2. clean the bathroom
3. vacuum
4. cook
5. shop
6. write this blog

14 November 2005
six theatrical luvvies i luv seeing in films
1. miriam margolyes
2. richard griffiths
3. geraldine mcewan
4. derek jacobi
5. harriet walter
6. eileen atkins

12 November 2005
six female singers from the 70s/80s who should have had more success
1. julie covington
2. ellen foley
3. irene cara
4. maria mckee
5. rachel sweet
6. yvonne elliman

11 November 2005
six favourite performances in tim burton directed films
1. paul reubens as pee-wee herman (pee-wee's big adventure)
2. michelle pfeiffer as catwoman/selina kyle (batman returns)
3. johnny depp as edward scissorhands (edward scissorhands)
4. martin landau as bela lugosi (ed wood)
5. dianne weist as as peg (edward scissorhands)
6. bill murray as bunny breckinridge (ed wood)


10 November 2005
six things i do in bed
1. surf the interweb with my ibook
2. watch dvds on my spare tv
3. sleep, glorious sleep
4. eat
5. dream of of being best friends with paul licuria
6. just generally luxuriate in my unbounded laziness

08 November 2005
six things that annoy me in the movies
1. people dying instantly from a stab wound to the stomach
2. women becoming beautiful by removing their glasses
3. luggage that is clearly empty
4. tom cruise
5. people not saying goodbye at the end of phone conversations
6. sex scene/music montages


04 November 2005
six things i'd want if i was stranded on a desert island
1. split level tree house
2. coconut radio
3. sunscreen
4. the harlem globetrotters
5. monkey butlers
6. paul licuria

03 November 2005
six movie musical sequences that bring out my inner chorus boy
1. mein herr (cabaret)
2. diamonds are a girl's best friend (gentlemen prefer blondes)
3. singin' in the rain (singin' in the rain)
4. cell block tango (chicago)
5. steam heat (the pajama game)
6. hot lunch jam (fame)

02 November 2005
six favourite performances in mike nichols directed films
1. anne bancroft as mrs robinson (the graduate)
2. elizabeth taylor as martha (who's afraid of virginia woolf?)
3. dustin hoffman as benjamin braddock (the graduate)
4. cher as dolly pelliker (silkwood)
5. clive owen as larry (closer)
6. sigourney weaver as katharine parker (working girl)


01 November 2005
six young hollywood bucks i'm considering for the position of imaginary toyboy
1. mehcad brooks
2. jake gyllenhaal
3. seann william scott
4. chris evans
5. derek luke
6. paul walker