six things
31 October 2005
six flowers i'd like to get if i was the type of person who liked getting flowers
1. tulips
2. roses
3. ridiculously rare orchids
4. daffodils
5. gerberas
6. calla lilies (when they're in bloom again)

29 October 2005
six ascending degrees of drunkedness*
1. sophisticated banter
2. not so sophisticated banter
3. flirting with the waiter
4. recreating fosse choreography
5. the candle of truth
6. passing out and flashing your underpants

*topic (foolishly) suggested by my friend jane

28 October 2005
six clever drag names
1. donna frock
2. lypsinka
3. kitten caboodle
4. sister bridget over troubled waters
5. kaye sera
6. penny dreadful

27 October 2005
six words i'm trying to bring back to everyday conversation
1. floozy
2. pantywaist
3. schmozle
4. dagnabbit
5. broad
6. doozy

26 October 2005
six favourite performances in robert altman directed films
1. shelly duvall as millie lammoreaux (3 women)
2. julie christie as constance miller (mccabe and mrs miller)
3. henry gibson as haven hamilton (nashville)
4. ronee blakley as barbara jean (nashville)
5. geraldine chaplin as opal from the bbc (nashville)
6. shelly duvall as olive oyl (popeye)


25 October 2005
six fashion trends i'll be glad to see the end of
1. fauxhawks (men)
2. low waisted jeans (women)
3. jeans that don't flatter the butt (men)
4. obnoxiously large sunglasses (unisex)
5. stomach baring tees (pudgy)
6. fashion trends, in general

22 October 2005
six excellent tv shows that were somewhat diminished by their lame later seasons
1. buffy the vampire slayer
2. roseanne
3. twin peaks
4. the amazing race
5. absolutely fabulous
6. the simpsons

21 October 2005
six questionable questionnaires i've completed online (and the results)
1. which buffy character are you? (willow)
2. which disney character is your alter ego? (goofy)
3. what's your political philosophy? (green)
4. are you right-brained or left-brained? (right-brained)
5. what type of girl are you? (athletic tomboy)
6. which pagan god or goddess are you? (freyr - ruler of elves)

20 October 2005
six hasbeens i once saw at a hollywood hasbeen autograph show
1. joanie from happy days
2. lucy from dallas
3. dennis the menace
4. elvira
5. the incredible hulk
6. don knotts

19 October 2005
six favourite performances in billy wilder directed films
1. gloria swanson as norma desmond (sunset blvd)
2. marilyn monroe as the girl (the seven year itch)
3. charles laughton as sir wilfrid robarts (witness for the prosecution)
4. walter matthau as walter gingrich (the fortune cookie)
5. barbara stanwyck as phyllis dietrichson (double indemnity)
6. joe e brown as osgood fielding III (some like it hot)


18 October 2005
six people who i'd be ok with playing me in the movie of my life
1. johnny depp
2. ewan mcgregor
3. james franco
4. guy pearce
5. janeane garofalo
6. gael garcia bernal

17 October 2005
six u.s cities in which i have slept
1. new york, new york
2. key west, florida
3. boston, massachusetts
4. hartford, connecticut
5. los angeles, california
6. las vegas, nevada

15 October 2005
six words i'd use to describe myself
1. reclusive
2. dry
3. stoic
4. thin
5. lazy
6. particular

14 October 2005
six most sensational inspirational celebrational muppetational muppets
1. kermit
2. sam the eagle
3. fozzie
4. beaker
5. janice
6. gonzo

13 October 2005
six things i liked about growing up on a farm
1. my dog timmy
2. riding my motorbike
3. schooling by correspondence
4. driving a tractor
5. pet lambs
6. imagining living in a city

12 October 2005
six favourite performances in woody allen directed films
1. dianne wiest as helen sinclair (bullets over broadway)
2. diane keaton as annie hall (annie hall)
3. judy davis as sally (husbands and wives)
4. jeff daniels as gil shepard/tom baxter (the purple rose of cairo)
5. mia farrow as tina vitale (broadway danny rose)
6. woody allen as virgil starkwell (take the money and run)


11 October 2005
six things i consider vastly overrated
1. caviar
2. anime
3. fashion
4. sex
5. american beauty
6. mel gibson

10 October 2005
six actresses i'd like to be best friends with
1. laura linney
2. toni collette
3. kate winslet
4. amy sedaris
5. janeane garofalo
6. emma thompson

08 October 2005
six guidelines for surviving four years at a country all boys boarding school
1. shut down emotionally for four years
2. be sarcastic about everything
3. find one muscular hung boy you don't really like to sexually experiment with
4. never mention it to anyone
5. remember high school will be over eventually
6. make two very different best friends who you'll stay in touch with for (at least) twenty years

07 October 2005
six phone numbers in my speed dial
1. my friend jane @ home
2. my friend david
3. my friend jane @ work
4. my friend tj
5. my friend jane's mobile
6. my sister shell

*topic suggested by my friend jane

06 October 2005
six bloggers i pretend i'm on a first name basis with just by religiously reading their blogs
1. nathaniel
2. nick
3. damion
4. gabriel
5. joe
6. tim

05 October 2005
six favourite performances in christopher guest directed films*
1. catherine o'hara as mickey crabbe (a mighty wind)
2. jennifer coolidge as sherri ann ward cabot (best in show)
3. christopher guest as corky st clair (waiting for guffman)
4. fred willard as buck laughlin (best in show)
5. jennifer coolidge as amber cole (a mighty wind)
6. john michael higgins as scott donlan (best in show)

* topic inspired by nathaniel r


04 October 2005
six thoughts regarding my old friend rigby on his birthday
1. i'm glad there was someone as daggy as me at our high school
2. or even daggier
3. thirty years is a long time to know someone
4. twelve years is a long time not to see someone
5. i thought he said he was only going to japan for eighteen months
6. i suspect he's a very good father

03 October 2005
six sensational sondheim songs
1. stay with me (into the woods)
2. the ballad of booth (assassins)
3. another hundred people (company)
4. move on (sunday in the park with george)
5. pretty women (sweeney todd)
6. not a day goes by (merrily we roll along)

02 October 2005
six colours i'd prefer barney the dinosaur to be
1. teal
2. black
3. burgundy
4. white
5. plaid
6. pink