six things
29 April 2006
six degrees of michelle pfeiffer (for nathaniel, on her 48th birthday)
1. michelle pfeiffer - who turned down a role in 'a prairie home companion', directed by
2. robert altman - who has many times directed
3. lily tomlin - who was in 'i heart huckabees' with
4. naomi watts - who, in 1986, went on a group nightclub outing with
5. me - who has a long distance relationship with
6. nathaniel - whose love for la pfeiffer inspired this entry

26 April 2006
six most quotable quotes from the always hilarious 'clueless'
1. as if
2. you see how picky i am about my shoes and they just go on my feet
3. 'tis a far far better thing doing stuff for other people
4. until mankind is peaceful enough not to have violence on the news, there's no point in taking it out of shows that need it for entertainment value
5. i hope not sporadically
6. ooh, i wonder if they have that in my size

25 April 2006
six things i'm reminded of on anzac day
1. what an excellent film 'gallipoli' is
2. how i couldn't pronounce gallipoli in grade 3
3. and how that meant my grade 3 girlfriend beverley roughley got to read the anzac speech instead of me
4. the $50 i won in an essay contest: 'what anzac day means to the modern child'
5. and how my picture was supposed to be in the newspaper (but wasn't)
6. how my annoying high school made us march in the anzac parade instead of letting us enjoy the public holiday

16 April 2006
and on the seventh day i resurrected

15 April 2006
six things pornography has falsely led me to believe
1. all plumbers are hot
2. all truck drivers are hot
3. all hitchhikers are hot
4. all cops are hot
5. all firemen are hot
6. all pizza deliverers are hot

14 April 2006
six things that might be more uncomfortable to be nailed to than a cross
1. a swastika
2. a bed of nails
3. a crocodile
4. an anthill
5. paris hilton
6. a burning cross

13 April 2006
six words that are essential for conversation in australia (that might mean something else in other parts of the world)*
1. dag
2. spunk
3. pot
4. mole
5. pissed
6. root

* especially for rigby's english students

11 April 2006
six books i've read recently
1. untold stories by alan bennett
2. the truth (with jokes) by al franken
3. tab hunter confidential by tab hunter and eddie muller
4. magic for beginners by kelly link
5. don't think of an elephant by george lakoff
6. talk to the hand: the utter bloody rudeness of everyday life (or six good reasons to stay home and bolt the door) by lynne truss

10 April 2006
six things to do if you like a man (as understood from watching 'pride & prejudice')
1. ignore him
2. giggle with your girlfriend
3. twirl in excitement with your sister
4. engage him in a conversation with really long sentences
5. pretend you're not really thinking about how much money he has
6. agree, eventually, that he's agreeable

03 April 2006
six excuses why i've been remiss in listing six things
1. i've been sick
2. i've been tired
3. uninspired
4. i had to put the clocks back
5. i was distracted by the footy
6. a dog ate my homework