six things
06 October 2005
six bloggers i pretend i'm on a first name basis with just by religiously reading their blogs
1. nathaniel
2. nick
3. damion
4. gabriel
5. joe
6. tim

you are my BEST BLEND. i LIVE for your site. The 6 days you were gone left me feeling alone and hollow and twitching in the corner. I had to call my "sponsor" and go to a meeting. we all sat around the circle and told the 6 things we missed most about your blog. All of us were there... the meeting lasted for 66 hours, with each of us having only 6 mins. to speak. I drank 6 cups of coffee and smoked 666 cigs. "Dolly don't every go away again!"
I tend to postpone visits because I just wanna gobble all the lists every time I come. Call it a deferred pleasure. And now to log in and see myself here! You're a peach.

Now, if only I knew your actual first name... ;)
Dear Six,

You are incredibly sweet. We are on a first-name basis in my heart.

i now bring this meeting of the mutual admiration society to a close. get back to your brilliant blogging, boys.
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