six things
25 January 2008
six thoughts i had while drifting off during sweeney todd
1. sing out, louise johnny
2. if this film was any darker i wouldn't be able to see it
3. where the hell is marnie nixon when you need her?
4. i'm going to start using the word "gander" more often
5. if you're a girl locked in a room and you're wondering why the caged bird sings, it doesn't make any sense to sing about it
6. i'd rather be watching tim burton's take on into the woods (but only if he leaves the humour in)


Haha, number 3 made me laugh out loud.

I agree that HBC doesn't have much of a voice, but it didn't bug me probably as much as it should have. I thought she did a fine job anyways.
sounds like a lot of love all the way around :-)

in fact, i could see a post of 6 musicals you'd rather tim burton make.
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