six things
05 July 2007
six thoughts while rewatching the dreadful movie version of 'a chorus line'
1. i once naively thought seeing this movie would make up for not seeing the show on stage
2. there's no way sheila is "going to be 30" unless she forgot to say "again"
3. i wonder if these poor actors thought this was going to be their big break (i'd only hire one of them)
4. those ridiculously high cut leotards are freaking. me. out.
5. i can feel my love of musicals, theatre and movies draining from me as i watch this
6. why aren't i watching all that jazz again instead of this crap?


god I missed you soooo much!
what a lovely thing to say

i just hope you weren't reading anyone else's pointless blog while i was away...
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