six things
26 July 2007
six things i might name my band (if i'd spent my youth practicing the piano instead of watching tv)
1. the jane hathaway experience
2. kitty karry-all & the circumspecials
3. the tuscaderos
4. mother superior and the convent san tanco
5. the tra la las
6. coconut radio

If teevee watching qualifies as musical training for this band, I think I qualify for all 6 versions.

I think I'd especially like to be either Mother Superior or among the Convent San Tanco. Imagine the costumes!
hmmm, i imagined the convent san tanco was a beatnik jazz combo backing up the sassy song stylings mother superior

i suspect the tra la las are the flamboyant ones
I am TOTALLY the keyboard player in the Jane Hathaway Experience. I'm dressed like that backup guy in the Revolution (Prince's band), circa 1983.

Hey, can we have a blog-only musical group? I'm totally into it.
ok, but i get to be the musical genius behind our groovy new sound (unfortunately i'm such a genius i eventually go insane and 'cause the band to split up)
Um. I think that goes without saying...
I'll be like one of those people from Arrested Development who just, you know, sort of stood on the stage.
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