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03 August 2006
six thoughts on the movie 'jindabyne'
1. i love the lovely laura linney
2. even if her character was kind of annoying
3. excellent unsettling opening scene
4. spookiest use of landscape since 'picnic at hanging rock'
5. that was one creepy little girl
6. i can't believe the lovely laura linney was in oz and didn't call me


re #6:
Really. The nerve.
That movie was excellent! The lovely Laura Linney was indeed quite lovely in all her loveliness.
I second they fantasticity of the Linney. Or, third it, I guess.

Go seek out Short Cuts, if you haven't seen it (although it's not on DVD here yet), because it uses the Jindabyne story and a bunch of others from the writer Raymond Carver, and is great.
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