six things
10 August 2006
six big things i've visited in australia
1. big banana, coffs harbour
2. big pineapple, nambour
3. big merino, goulburn
4. big croc, humpty doo
5. big (playable) guitar, narrandera
6. big (golden) guitar, tamworth

7. big avocado?

I've been there. It's weird and scary. I kept thinking it was gonna fall on me! Big avos are heavy!

What about the big prawn?

I've been to 4 of your big things. I haven't been the guiatar in narrandera or the big croc. But, seriously. Big avocado and the big prawn! I could've made a salad.
or as elaine benes would prefer - a big salad
how funny, i really need to experience australia.
when i was in australia i visited the big lobster... not sure where it is, somewhere just off the great ocean road.
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