six things
03 July 2006
six scene-stealing minor characters i love in the movie 'grease'
1. cha-cha digregorio
2. patty simcox
3. principal mcgee
4. blanche
5. coach calhoun
6. vince fontaine

Remember! If you can't be an athlete, be an athletic supporter!
Tom Chisum (just the name makes me smile) -- plus Lorenzo Lamas as a blond?
Good times.
oh man. these posts are bringing back sweet memories.
my vote goes to Patty Simcox. we had such good times and got to be lifelong friends!
doc - if you turn yourself in now, you may escape a federal charge

stinky - too bad his brains are in his biceps

nate - isn't that the most? to say the least?
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