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07 July 2006
six reasons why the emmys are now as dead to me as the oscars
1. no best drama nomination for 'six feet under'
2. no rachel griffiths
3. no lauren ambrose
4. no marcia cross
5. no john krasinski
6. not a single nomination for 'the shield'

Weirdest Emmy nominations I've ever seen. And yet...Will Arnett. Chandra Wilson. Not all bad.
true. plus kate winslet, patrick stewart and joanna cassidy got guest acting noms, so i'm happy about that.
Do you believe Joanna Cassidy had never been nominated for Six Feet Under before this year? It's insane.
margaret chenowith was the scene-stealingest character on 6fu, especially in the final season:

"it's good news brenda, don't shit all over it"

i've been a fan of joanna cassidy since blade runner; she's way overdue for accolades
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