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10 June 2006
six favourite performances in james ivory directed films
1. anthony hopkins as stevens (the remains of the day)
2. emma thompson as margaret schlegel (howards end)
3. joanne woodward as india bridge (mr & mrs bridge)
4. judi dench as eleanor lavish (a room with a view)
5. daniel day-lewis as cecil vyse (a room with a view)
6. vanessa redgrave as olive chancellor (the bostonians)


judi dench? interesting choice. Very minor role. but I do love her line reading when her and maggie go to sit down on damp ground...

"observe my foresight. i never venture forth without my (name?) squares..."

my 3 favorite...
1. hopkins (remains of the day --his best work ever )
2. thompson (howards end)
3. bonham-carter (howards end)
"observe my foresight" was what made me choose her over maggie
I'm'a hafta stump for Vanessa Redgrave as Ruth Wilcox. I recognize that in some sense she is just doing her Ethereal Vanessa Redgrave Thing (and there's some good 1940s Hat Acting at the train station), but she's still extraordinary.
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