six things
01 May 2006
six things i did on this day in history (according to the very detailed journals i used to keep)
1. went to see a play called 'the secret house' and was bored by it (1989)
2. started a part-time job as a phone dating operator (1990)
3. finished reading 'in cold blood' (1991)
4. got stoned on the streets of osaka, japan (1993)
5. had sex with some guy (1994)
6. went to the laundromat (1995)

I don't remember you getting stoned! That must've been the night "Dr" D.B. showed you the sights. (He's still here, by the way. And he hasn't aged a day!)
finally, i remember something you don't.

yes, db took me to the world's smallest gay bar and then you went all 'reefer madness' on me on the way home.
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