six things
03 May 2006
six outfits i would pack for a weekend on the love boat*
1. a pair of glasses to disguise my millionaire playboy looks so i can find real romance
2. my charo fanclub t-shirt
3. something special from my first marriage that my ex-wife (who's coincidentally onboard) will recognise and cause us to reunite
4. something casual for a daytrip to puerto vallarta
5. an outfit that exactly matches one a lookalike stranger has
6. a flashy outfit just in case my long estranged showbiz partner was also onboard and up for a reunion performance

*topic suggested by my friend jane the cruise director

this belongs on McSweeney's lists!
i don't know what that means
McSweeney's lists is a collection of hilarious lists:

I think it's true that you could submit this one, if that's even how lists get to McSweeney's.
so everybody's doing lists now?

if i find out anyone's reading other people's lists there's going to be trouble...
I only look at the table of contents on the Lists page. You're my only listmaker, I promise.

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