six things
10 April 2006
six things to do if you like a man (as understood from watching 'pride & prejudice')
1. ignore him
2. giggle with your girlfriend
3. twirl in excitement with your sister
4. engage him in a conversation with really long sentences
5. pretend you're not really thinking about how much money he has
6. agree, eventually, that he's agreeable

4a. Shout at him in the pouring down rain.

4b. Have a strange encounter with yourself, and maybe him too, while you look in the mirror and seem haggard.

I'd like to add that in real life these things don't work. Alas.
4c. be ridiculously gorgeous even though you're considered somewhat plain
4d. be in the right place at the right time when he struts Byronically and semi-shirtedly through the morning mists
4e. Be ecstatically happy when instead of kissing you he puts his forehead to yours in the early light.

4f. Be not angered by the fact that you weren't able to sleep and thus are up walking at dawn.
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