six things
29 April 2006
six degrees of michelle pfeiffer (for nathaniel, on her 48th birthday)
1. michelle pfeiffer - who turned down a role in 'a prairie home companion', directed by
2. robert altman - who has many times directed
3. lily tomlin - who was in 'i heart huckabees' with
4. naomi watts - who, in 1986, went on a group nightclub outing with
5. me - who has a long distance relationship with
6. nathaniel - whose love for la pfeiffer inspired this entry

omg...can we please nominate this for best blog-a-thon entry?
hah! brilliant. So... you're, like, super best friends with naomi, RIGHT?!
@trill - yes. yes, we can.

@camel - she may have a different opinion but let's say yes. yes, i am.
gorgeous...gorgeous...gorgeous...gorgeous...gorgeous...just gorgeous...
ohhhh. i actually got a little verklempt reading this. (i'm still working thru all the entries alphabetically.

it's so deliciously personal. I feel so connected to La Pfeiffer ;)

and i think we really need a six things about this nightclub outing with Naomi!!!
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