six things
27 February 2006
six thoughts while watching the dvd of 'sin city'
1. what a stunning look
2. i wish i'd seen this on the big screen
3. clive owen is sizzlin' hot
4. this is getting kind of boring
5. i'm glad i didn't see this on the big screen as i wouldn't be able to fast forward
6. or press stop


3.a. I'm sure glad I'm not a sexy hooker, even in a pleasure district run by sexy hookers, because there's always a baby-faced pseudo-good girl to sell you out, and maybe even hot Clive Owen won't be able to save you.
3.b. I'm sure glad I'm not in danger of being sliced and eaten by Elijah Wood.
3.b.i. Elijah Wood really is the creepiest actor I've ever seen.
3.b.ii. I'm glad he disappears pretty early on.
i had the EXACT same thoughts (this is to par)
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