six things
09 February 2006
six reasons why elaine was my favourite character on 'seinfeld'
1. i envied her job at j peterman
2. she got progressively nastier
3. she thought george was an idiot
4. she knew how to hold a grudge
5. "you doodle a couple of bears at a cocktail party talking about the stock market and you think you're doing comedy"
6. yada yada yada

6a. she had all that curly hair
6b. the entirely whack "dancing".
6c. GET OUT! *shoves someone into a wall/empty space*

I love that on Modfab's 6 thing you had a picture of Mt. Disappointment. I was disappointed that i wasn't even particularly disappointed... it was just ordinary.

(Geelong person here)
6d. STELLA!!!

I'm a bit worried about her new show...but I will watch it anyway...
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