six things
28 January 2006
six films for which i'll break my cinema boycott in 2006
1. for your consideration
2. a prairie home companion
3. the squid and the whale
4. superman returns
5. pirates of the caribbean: dead man's chest
6. dreamgirls

squid & whale is worth it. did king kong set this boycott in motion?
it's not the films, it's the audiences (ever since i yelled at a nonstop chatty woman during a screening of 'almost famous' - which started a heated debate amongst other members of the audience - i'm always afraid i'll go all cinema vigilante on someone else) .
Ah, I see. Nick has a terrific story about seeing a movie in Detroit and having a group of people in front of him go suddenly, hilariously counter-vigilante after he and Amanda made some innocuous remark about how they were being loud. I think the movie was Jackass. Nick can tell the story better than I, of course, seeing as how he was there.
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