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19 December 2005
six tips on throwing a wildly successful festive season dinner party
1. choose 8 - 12 of your favourite people to invite
2. make sure two of those people own a glamorous house with a table big enough to seat 8 - 12 people
3. somehow get them to agree to host the dinner party
4. somehow get them to invite the remaining people
5. somehow get your friend jane to cook a delicious three course meal
6. enjoy

I agree with numbers one through five but surely your number six is a foregone conclusion and should have been "send large floral tribute and french champagne to aforementioned hosts in the hope that they will ridiculously agree to do it all again next year".
then what about "offer to do the dishes"
how about
"write lovely blog entry afterwards"
a ha
do i have to do everything?
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