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12 October 2005
six favourite performances in woody allen directed films
1. dianne wiest as helen sinclair (bullets over broadway)
2. diane keaton as annie hall (annie hall)
3. judy davis as sally (husbands and wives)
4. jeff daniels as gil shepard/tom baxter (the purple rose of cairo)
5. mia farrow as tina vitale (broadway danny rose)
6. woody allen as virgil starkwell (take the money and run)


What a perfect list! Though, Dianne Wiest as helen sinclair could be #s 1, 2, 3, and 4... Judy Davis as sally at #5. lol.
so freaky how much i agree with this list...

although #6 is one of the only 2 or 3 allen films that I have not seen.
damion - i'm sure helen sinclair would think she was worthy of all those positions too.

nate - i think we've well established by now you're my evil nyc twin; buffy, olivia, this - the lists go on and on. 'take the money and run' is arguably the funniest of all woody allen films, please watch it very soon.
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