six things
26 October 2005
six favourite performances in robert altman directed films
1. shelly duvall as millie lammoreaux (3 women)
2. julie christie as constance miller (mccabe and mrs miller)
3. henry gibson as haven hamilton (nashville)
4. ronee blakley as barbara jean (nashville)
5. geraldine chaplin as opal from the bbc (nashville)
6. shelly duvall as olive oyl (popeye)


What about Miranda Richardson in KANSAS CITY? From clown to menace while blues played! Ouch!
ooh, good point...but my overwhelming love for 'nashville' made this a hard list to narrow down. there were at least six more performances that could've easily made it.
#1 & #2 are both divine and crazy memorable. good choices
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