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19 October 2005
six favourite performances in billy wilder directed films
1. gloria swanson as norma desmond (sunset blvd)
2. marilyn monroe as the girl (the seven year itch)
3. charles laughton as sir wilfrid robarts (witness for the prosecution)
4. walter matthau as walter gingrich (the fortune cookie)
5. barbara stanwyck as phyllis dietrichson (double indemnity)
6. joe e brown as osgood fielding III (some like it hot)


Great List! Though i would have found it difficult to leave out Jack Lemon in Some Like It Hot.
On the flip side, I'm glad you dissed The Lost Weekend and The Apartment, two of his most overrated movies.

And yeah, Gloria's got this one all tied up.
i'm a bit meh on jack lemmon, and although i like shirley maclaine in the apartment it wasn't a top six performance, much like the performances in sabrina.

full disclosure - i haven't seen stalag 17.
#1 for me is Kirk Douglas in Ace in the Hole. But these are good picks too.
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