six things
30 August 2005
six various artists vinyl records with groovy titles i still have from the 70s
1. unreal
2. bobby dazzler
3. outa sight
4. ripper
5. whopper
6. super bad

Oh, dear! I have 2 of those - "Ripper" & "Bobby Dazzler" - over here with me in Japan! And speaking of vinyl, I listened to both "the Castanet Club" & "Aunty Jack Sings Wollongong" in the past week. You most certanly have the first one in your collection. How about the other?
Yes to 'The Castanet Club' (greatest comedy cabaret act ever) but no 'Aunty Jack', I'm afraid.

I can't believe you carted those lps all the way to Japan.
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