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08 August 2005
six annoying performances that were somehow nominated for oscars
1. tom cruise - magnolia
2. brenda blethyn - little voice
3. ed harris - the hours
4. mariel hemingway - manhattan
5. brad pitt - 12 monkeys
6. helen hunt - as good as it gets

"Respect the cock!" Tom was great - he was meant to be unforgettably annoying. And he was! You get our full agreement on all the others, especially "Little Voice." That entire movie and everyone in it was (unfortunately) unforgettably annoying.
but annoying actor + annoying character = unwatchable.
Brenda Blethyn in Little Voice IS one of the most annoying nominees ever. So far over the top she makes Elizabeth Berkley in Showgirls seem naturalistic. or something. yikes
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