six things
29 June 2005
six years i'd happily relive
1. 1988
2. 1975
3. 1994
4. 1987
5. 1969
6. 1990

Why would you choose to relive the year in which Malcolm Fraser became PM? to relive the awkward destruction of the Whitlam government? Enquiring minds want to know about this specific selection; and yet, I would haave thought others would have expressed a similar curiosity about what you found so personally memorable about 1975.
politics was beyond me in 1975. i was a happy 12 year old in my last year of primary school, came first in my class, won an athletics championship and was given my first abba album.

the next year i was off to a horrifying boarding school, my mother died and life generally took a slide towards the suck.

i'd relive '75 in a second.
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